12/2015 - Founded

01/2016 - Prototype build

05/2016 - Engine for extendet tests build

05/2016 - Start of extendet ground operational tests

11/2016 - UL Airplane acquisition (Avid Flyer) to be used as test platform for the 100 hp Turboprop Engine

11/2016 - Renovation and adaptation works start to fit the 100 hp Turboprop Engine in the Avid Flyer Ultralight for flight tests.


05/2017 - First public presentation of the Turboprop engine mounted on our testing platform (Avid Flyer)


11/2017 - Various tests. One Button Start. Video publishing showing the automated start sequence of the engine and the immediate throttle response.


05/2020 - Place your order




Last Update 04.November 2017

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